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Welcome to Maplewood Co!

Specializing in customized creations made specifically for you!

I’ve always loved creating things, and as I did someone would say “Oh hey, that’s cool, can you make me one?” and I guess that’s how Maplewood Co. came to be

Take a look around the site and if you have any questions or want further customizations/ a completely custom project email me and we can start designing!

Look for Us at.....

Various Summer Markets

(more details to come!) 

We can also be found in.....

The Lucan Local (176 Main St Lucan Ontario)



Hi :)
My name is Heidi. I'm a mom of three lovely little boys, who absolutely love to help while I'm crafting away. I have always loved making & creating different things.
So Maplewood Co sort of just took off from there. I love to do custom pieces for people so if you have an idea feel free to send me a message.
My husband is super helpful and is my behind the scenes guy. He's often putting the finishing touches on pieces before they go out the door.
We want to thank you all for your support over the past couple years. We have just ordered a bigger laser and are excited for all the neat projects we can do with it.

No upcoming events at the moment


London, Ontario


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